4 Cool Things You Probably Don’t Know About Zyzz

When it comes to people who have revolutionized the modern bodybuilding scene, the name Aziz Shavershian will surely be ranked high up in the list.

Apart from showing the world that sculpting the ideal physique is totally possible with the right amount of hard work and determination, the 22-year old Australian bodybuilder also wowed fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilding buffs with his amazing success story.

Now while you may think that you’ve already checked out all the stuff to read about Aziz “Zyzz” Sergeyevich Shavershian in the worldwide web, chances are you still haven’t come across the following cool things about him:

He used to be one of best online role-playing video game players in the world.

Sure Zyzz may have rose to fame because of his amazing bodybuilding achievements, but did you know that he started out as a skinny kid who spent most of his time playing World of Warcraft (WoW)?

Zyzz was so good at the online game that he even went to become one of the highest-ranked players worldwide. However, his interests shifted when he saw his brother, Said’s – also known as Chest Brah – bodybuilding progress after just a year’s training.

Zyzz sold his WoW account for $500 to sign up for a membership at a local gym to start doing the same.

He was very strict with his diet.

Zyzz emphasized that achieving your dream body involves getting rid of bad habits like loading up on junk food and soft drinks. He specifically pointed out that you need to only eat the good stuff as well as just drink water and green tea to pull the whole thing off.

He coined a lot of catchphrases that are used until now.

The Aussie bodybuilder was a very active 4chan user (a rather infamous imageboard website where you can anonymously post pictures and other material) and regularly chronicled his bodybuilding experiences on the same.

Zyzz frequented 4chan so much that he has become quite a celebrity on the site and even coined catchphrases like “U mirin?” and “Fuark.” He’s also inspired the creation of a subcategory or “subreddit” in the website Reddit called “”Nah Bro, I’m sweet” after a brief email exchange with one of the moderators.

His mission to sculpt his dream body was inspired by nightlife.

Did you know that Zyzz was partly motivated to get into bodybuilding because of his experiences while clubbing? He said that guys who had “aesthetic” physiques always got the attention, so he promised to work on his body before long.

And he soon went on to become the Internet’s poster boy for bodybuilding.

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