CandyLipz vs. Fullips: Which Is The Best Natural Lip Plumper?

Getting that pouty, healthier-looking lips has been made easier thanks to technology. With natural lip plumpers, turning your lips from thin to full minus the injection can be done in a snap. 2 lip enhancers that have been making waves are CandyLipz and Fullips. They’re loved by many, but which one is better for your puckers?

Learn the answer in this CandyLipz vs. Fullips ultimate showdown!

CandyLipz vs. Fullips: The Difference



This temporary lip plumber is an adorable and colorful device to bring wherever you go. Available in 2 sets:

  • Apple sets (very cute) – for smaller lips
  • Licorice sets – for larger lips (may be used by men)

CandyLipz comes in single- and double-lobed so you can choose if you wish to plump just the upper or lower lip or both lips.

How it works: Press onto your lips to create a cupping effect that efficiently boosts blood flow to the area. You can control the suction, how much or how little you want. Voila! Voluminous lips in an instant! (Effect lasts for 2 hours)

Side Effect: Because CandyLipz sucks your lips, expect some bruising or dark lips the first time you use it. This will subside with regular use. It’s easy to cover the bruising with your fave lippie too!



Watching this lady’s lips go from plain to vavavoom pouty with our own eyes made us go gaga!



A natural lip enhancer in a form of a “red cup”. Once you pull it away from your mouth, lips gets fuller as blood runs to the surface. Available in 3 shapes to fit several types of lips:

  • Small oval shape – for more targeted areas where you want extra plumpness
  • Medium oval shape – for thinner lips and a wide mouth, great for spot-enhancing (e.g. if you only want a fuller lower lip)
  • Large round shape – perfect for overall volume

How it works: Put over your lips and suck air in to “seal” the cup to your face and produce a suction that will draw more blood to your lips. Keep suction for 30 seconds. Repeat as desired. (Effect lasts for 2-3 hours)

Side Effect: Expect bruising due to the suction action. Some users reported it takes 20 minutes to get the desired effect.

Note: Fullips offers a kit which contain Fullips lip enhancer, a small toothbrush, dark brown lip liner and a lipstick (in a rose pinkish shade).



As you can see, people are crazy about Fullips. The results are tried, tested and proven!

Check Out These Transformations










The Winner

As you know, both CandyLipz and Fullips work. They create fuller and plumper lips as promised. Both lip products are multi-awarded and has been featured on magazines and TV shows. So which one wins the CandyLipz vs. Fullips face-off? Our money is on CandyLipz! It’s dermatologist-tested so you’re ensured your precious puckers are well taken care of. The cute packaging of this device adds plus points as you can suck anytime, anywhere without looking funny. It’s as if you’re eating an apple! CandyLipz isn’t called the “Rolls Royce of lip plumper devices” for nothing!

Are you pro CandyLipz or pro Fullips? Let us know who wins your vote in the comments below.

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