Christian Bale’s Routine

Transforming his weight from 124 pounds to 230 pounds within 6 month time frame is quite a feat for Christian Bale. After his role as Trevor Raznik in The Machinist, he returned as Bruce Wayne in the 2005 film Batman Begins. He radically transformed his body for the role as the film’s protagonist. For playing the role of the protector of Gotham City, Christian acquired a completely shredded and toned body. In order to change his body from skinny to muscular one, he engaged in difficult workouts and weightlifting.


As Bruce Banner is experienced in different hand to hand combats, Christian became proficient in martial arts. Besides helping to have a fitter body, martial arts also enabled the hero to have an incredible strength. He practiced squats for lower body parts such as legs and thighs.

Daily Workout

Christian Bale’s routine is comprised of exercises with power moves to let him have the quickness and flexibility during the fight scenes. The routine is divided into 4 different set of exercises to be performed daily.

First Day

  1. Chin ups superset with cable rows (4 sets/12 reps each)
  2. Power Clean with barbell up to chest (4 sets w/ increasing weights/ 12.,10,8,6 reps)
  3. Snatch Hang High Pull (4 sets/12,10,8,6 reps)

Second Day

  1. Sprinting: 5 set/30meters, followed by 5 sets of 40 meters. 1 minute rest between sets.
  2. Squat jump (4 sets/10 reps)
  3. Reverse Lunges (4 sets /10 reps)

Third Day

  1. Dumbbell (3 sets/12 reps)
  2. Bench Press w/ Smith Machine (3 sets/12 reps)
  3. Stability Ball Push-Ups (4 sets/10 reps)
  4. Close Grip Pulldowns (4 sets/10 reps)
  5. Deadlift (4 sets with increasing weights/12, 10, 8, 6 reps)

Fourth Day

  1. 10-20 laps swimming and 30 minute stretching/meditating session.

 This workout will certainly help you have the physique like Christian Bale or the superhero that he portrayed. In order to achieve this kind of body, you must also follow a strict diet that will compliments with your routine.



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