Darren Till Bags Decisive KO Victory in UFC Debut

Liverpool native Darren Till impressed MMA fans during his debut match in UFC Fight Night 67 by dispatching Brazilian Wendell Oliveira with a vicious series of elbows that led to a second round stoppage.

The 22-year old English southpaw, who never fails to show his proficiency in striking thanks to his extensive training in Luta Livre and Muay Thai, began his bout with Oliveira in a rather relaxed way yet constantly feeling for a chink in his opponent’s armor.

Till even allowed himself to be pressed against the cage while Oliveira assaulted him with a furious combination of knee strikes and takedown attempts.

However, Darren took his game up a notch when the bell for the second round clanged. After another takedown attempt by Wendell Oliveira, Till worked his way on top of his opponent and proceeded to batter him with a barrage of devastating elbow hits.

One managed to make its way to Oliveira’s head and scored a direct hit, which knocked him out almost instantly. The match was stopped by referee Fernando Yamasaki at exactly 1:37 in round number two.

During the post-fight interview, Till emphasized that Oliveira’s strength was a bit more intense than his so he resorted to a different fighting strategy. “I train with many guys like him and the best way to beat them is anticipating the movements,” he says. “Wendell is stronger than me, but I’m a better fighter,”

Darren Till is scheduled to take on 14-0-0 Danish fighter Nicolas “Sharpshooter” Dalby on October 24, 2015, which will take place in the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

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