Shock Bad Habits Away With Pavlok

A bad habit will remain a bad habit unless you make a conscious and determined decision to completely get rid of it. And if you’re still having trouble doing away with one up until now, you’ll be happy to know that there is a “shockingly” new way of getting the job done.

Enter Pavlok, the newest gadget that hit the wearable technology scene.

Unlike its counterparts that are designed to keep track of how many steps you make in a day, measure blood pressure levels as well as gauge the percentage of body fat and other vital statistics, this single button device was developed to help you break bad habits.

At its simplest, Pavlok is produced by the Behavioral Technology Group led by Maneesh Sethi and works in a rather straightforward way: it gives you an electrical zap when you do a bad habit. And the zap it’s capable of producing isn’t something that you can easily shrug off, too.

Pavlok’s got enough juice to give you a shock that you sure won’t forget anytime soon.

Sethi and his team believe that when you start associating your bad habit with these rather unnerving sensations, breaking it won’t be that difficult compared to just relying on sheer willpower alone.

So whether you’d like to stop smoking, binging on your favorite brew, spending too much time on social media, biting your fingernails, swearing too much, picking your teeth in public, buying stuff you don’t need or perhaps biting the ends of pens, there’s no need to think that you won’t be able to get rid of them no matter how hard you try.

Why not try using Pavlok and break that bad habit in 5 days?

Make sure you check out this review to find out more about this device.

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