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Compared to men, women have a much harder time losing weight. One of the reasons behind this is that men have more muscles women, while women store more body fat, than men, for proper reproduction. It also doesn’t help that women get unnecessary cravings because of hormones.      

Finding a great weight loss product is also not easy for women, as they need to find the exact product that can target specific areas— belly fat, butt, thighs and hips.

It is a good thing that 1st Phorm, one of leading nutritional and sports company, have designed and develop Bliss Go Pack, a dietary product that can help look good and feel good. This product can help reduce your cravings, reduce cortisol, control your appetite and help sleep soundly at night


Contents of Bliss Go Pack

The Bliss Go Pack contains 3 different products that work hand in hand to provide you with the best results. The following are:

  1.    Bliss- The first product under Bliss Go Pack is Bliss. This can give the energy you need so get through a tiring day. It also speeds up your metabolisms, helps you reduce cravings and targets hormonal imbalance. Bliss works in a way that keeps your body in a high state of fat burning all day long.
  2.    Thyro-Drive – Second is the thyro-drive, which has a direct impact on your rate of metabolism and its ability burn calories at high rate. This will naturally help stimulate the activity of the thyroid and elevate energy levels without the negative impact on your central nervous system.
  3.    Opti-core – Third and last is opti-core is responsible for burning the excess fat. It also helps you sleep better at night. It also prepares your body for prime nutrient uptake.

For more information about Bliss Go Pack, visit their Facebook page:      

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