Nolvadex- The Side Effects

With any other pharmaceutical products, there are also not so good effects when using Nolvadex. The following are the most common side effects that can be experience by taking Nolvadex. Many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders that is using Nolvadex in their PCT has suffered from the following while they are on this SERM:

  •         Rash
  •         Hot Flashes
  •         Headaches
  •         Thinning of Hair
  •         Nausea

The symptoms mentioned above are the most common bad effects of Nolvadex. Other potential side effects of this SERM though less common are:

  •         Reduced White Blood Cell Count
  •         Endometrial Changes
  •         Abnormal Increased Triglyceride Levels
  •         Pulmonary Embolism

Certainly some of the effects mentioned above, so not sound very nice, but most of the bad effects are very rare. Expectant mothers should avoid taking Novaldex because it can be very damaging to the child.

There are also thing to consider when buying Novaldex, you must only buy from very source. Your health is at risk when you buy from suspicious source online. The following are dangerous risks that you can get when you use non-legit Novaldax:

  •         Likely to have large hive-like swellings on different part of the body
  •         Weakened function of the organs such as heart, liver and the lungs

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