Your Ultimate Guide to Mirsad Bektic



You’re definitely on your way to MMA greatness when you don’t just rack up a flawless professional record over the years, but also continuously showing the world that you’re committed to become a better version of yourself as a fighter in every match you’re in.


This is why Mirsad Bektic has already built a name for himself as one of the most promising mixed martial artists in the UFC circuit. Find out more about Mirsad and how he’s taking UFC by storm when you follow along.


A Quick Bio on Mirsad Bektic






Mirsad was already a prolific globetrotter since he was a child. Born in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica on February 16, 1991, Bektic and his family moved to Italy when he was just a young boy months before civil war ravaged their home. They relocated again in Germany for five years and finally settled in Omaha, Nebraska in the United States.


The UFC featherweight already showed an impressive degree of athleticism and competiveness during his formative years. So it’s not that surprising that Mirsad immediately began his training in karate when he was just 12 years old. He also took up boxing and bodybuilding soon after.






His exposure to mixed martial arts took place when his nutritionist asked him to give the MMA workout a try.  Bektic was immediately hooked and started to integrate MMA training into his routine.


Mirsad’s very first professional bout happened in July 2001 during the 35th Victory Fighting Championships, where he wowed the crowd with a ferocious TKO just 36 seconds into round 1. It didn’t takelong before Bektic got the eye of UFC execs and invited him to take his MMA career to a whole new level.


The 24-year old fighter is currently based in Coconut Creek, Florida and trains with the American Top Team (ATT).


The Moves Mirsad’s Known For






Bektic didn’t just have extensive training in karate and boxing, but also excelled in Muay Thai and wrestling. Apart from having vicious striking techniques that can easily dispatch opponents, Mirsad also flaunts proficient submission skills and can easily dominate a bout when things get on the ground.


The UFC featherweight shares that his favorite grappling technique is the rear naked choke and prefers to use a left-right punch combo when it comes to striking.


Bektic’s MMA Highlights





    • Has four 1st round finishes
    • 6 wins by KO, one by submission (RNC)
    • Won via TKO at :30 of round 2 during UFC Fight Night 67 when he took on Lucas Martins

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