A Quick Look at the Essentials of the Zac Efron Workout

A Quick Look at the Essentials of the Zac Efron Workout 2Now while Zac Efron may have had his big break playing a singing teenybopper in the High School Musical franchise, he’s definitely portrayed a lot of more mature roles over the years like in Charlie St. Cloud, 17 Again, That Awkward Moment and New Year’s Eve.


Besides transforming his acting career, the 27-year old actor also took his physique up a notch to complement his roles, especially in The Lucky One where he played a US marine who comes back home after being designated overseas to find the girl of his dreams.


And we will discuss the key points of how the California-based actor managed to pull the whole thing off in a bit based on the information that we’ve managed to get our hands on. Make sure you follow along to get the lowdown on the essentials of theZac Efron workout.


Zac Efron Workout Essential #1: It’s a total commitment.


The first thing Zac emphasized when it comes to how he achieved the body that he’s flaunting nowadays is totally committing to your ultimate goal.


Accomplishing it won’t be a walk in the park and expecting anything less than complete body exhaustion when training absolutely won’t cut it. If you can see yourself getting back in the gym after going through the workout routine from hell, then you’ve got a fighting chance of realizing the physique you’re aiming for as you go along.


Unlike what a lot of people mistakenly think though, you can start things off slow and easy. Once you discover your body’s pace and rhythm, this is the sign that you can already increase the intensity of your workout.


Zac Efron Workout Essential #2: Work with a certified pro.


Putting on ideal lean muscle gain and blasting away fat isn’t something that can be accomplished by guesstimates or presumptions. You’ll need a professional trainer to walk you through the process and get the job done.


Or else you’ll just find yourself going right back to square one each and every time even if you feel that you’re already getting some progress.


Zac shares that the foundation of his training program is Ramona Braganza’s 3-2-1 workout to keep his muscles toned and lean, while he collaborated with former Navy Seal, Logan Hood, to help him build the body he displayed in The Lucky One.


Zac Efron Workout Essential #3: Integrate exercises that you like doing in your routine.


A lot of people tend to give up in the middle of their training program because they think that everything they’re doing is a burden. Zac points out though that he made sure to include intense physical activities that he liked doing to have fun while at it.


When he’s not pumping iron hard at the gym, the 27-year old actor prefers to surf, go rock climbing, play basketball, and soccer as well as negotiate trails with his bike. Having a balance of fun and hard work is key when it comes to achieving your bodybuilding goals.


Interestingly, Zac emphasizes that he likes to start his workouts early in the morning. He shares that this doesn’t just make him feel more energized throughout the day, but also allow him to de-stress while releasing harmful toxins from his body in the process.


Zac Efron Workout Essential #4: What you load up on really counts.


The singer-actor reveals that his strict diet plan played a very significant role in achieving the body he has these days. He shares that he swore off pizza, sodas, candies and other stuff that can promote the accumulation of body fat in his meal plan.


This doesn’t mean that Efron’s diet is extremely boring though. He discloses that he always enjoys healthy yet tasty edibles like dairy products, lean meats, chicken, fish, rolled oats and poached eggs. Zac stresses that being fit doesn’t mean starving and depriving yourself of good food.


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