opti-core-344px-394px1st Phorm’s health product Opti-Core has been proved to be effective in helping people lose fat. Opti-Core works by reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Increased levels of cortisol hormone has been found to be contributing to weght gain by making the body hold on to fat. Alongside the insulin hormone, cortisol works to prevent the body from releasing fat for convertion into energy. This leads to accumulation of fat in the body especially in the middle section thus causing that justifiably dreaded belly fat.


If you have been unsuccessfully struggling to lose belly fat or to just lose weight in general, you need not lose hope. Opti-Core can help you get rid of all that fat that is tucked under your abdomen and to achieve a trimmer figure. There are many people who have weight loss success stories but before looking at them, lets first understand more about the research studies that found cortisol hormone capable of causing weight problems and also how Opti-Core comes in as a remedy.


How does cortisol contribute to weight gain?


Most people do not expect stress to have any relationship with weight gain and in particular development of belly fat but this is exactly what recent studies have revealed. The studies have shown a correlation between uncontrollable stress and the distribution of abdominal fat.


One particular sought to find out how salivary cortisol influence fat distribution in terms of waist to hip ratio in the presence of laboratory stressers. The study monitored 41 overweight women and continuously measured their mood and waist to hip ratio (WHR) during a session involving stressful tasks and also during a controlled rest time which had been timed to match that of the stressful session. The study had picked both women with a low waist to hip ratio and a high waist to hip ratio as participants, it never leaned towards one side. The researchers also assessed the participants’ variable psychological traits and sought information about their stress history.


At the end of the study, it was found that the participants with a high waist to hip ratio secreted more cortisol hormone following the stressful activity the participants had been made to go through in comparison to their peers with a low waist to hip ratio. The difference was however not observed during the controlled period of rest. Participants with a high waist to hip ratio also showed poor anger management and stress copying skills in comparison to those with a low waist to hip ratio. The high waist to hip ratio group therefore got to secrete more cortisol hormones. This particular study alongside others provides insight into the link between cortisol hormones and abdominal fat distribution.


Opti-Core as a remedy to cortisol spikes


When the levels of cortisol hormone become elevated in the blood, Opti-Core can help make sure that they go down once again. The AdrenaCort Recovery component of Opti-Core helps you relax and unwind thereby lowering down the cortisol levels in your body and helping you sleep soundly at night, your body’s metabolic rate gets to go back to normal and more calories are burnt leading to less storage of fat in your body.


Opti-Core also has another added component known as Lypozyme Optimiser which helps you lose fat while asleep. It helps in metabolism while you are asleep. The overall positive impact on your metabolism is beneficial even when you are awake.


In addition to AdrenaCort Recovery and Lypozyme Optimiser, Opti-Core also contains vitamins and minerals which help to boost immunity and also help in regulating insulin and metabolism among other benefits.




Success stories on the use of Opti-Core


There are many people who have succeeded in losing belly fat and losing weight by purchasing and using Opti-Core. Check out these success stories:


I love this stuff. I can’t yet speak to long term positive effects, but I can certainly say every night I have taken it I’ve had the deepest and most restful sleep I’ve ever had in my life. It causes me to fall asleep quickly and naturally, and to wake up feeling totally refreshed and revived! *word of caution – the Opti-Core is VERY potent. Serving size is 3, but I’ve only been taking 1 before bed. I can usually take way more than any recommended serving of something, but this stuff is high quality and legit. When I took 3 I woke up at 8am then next day and I felt sleepy and groggy until like 2pm. I am in no way giving this supplement a bad review, I just refuse not to be totally honest with you all. Opti-Core is a fantastic product, does what it says and what it’s intended to do, just test your tolerance for it. Boom!! – Tumbler user


The best thing about the Go Pack is by far the Opti-Core. I am sleeping better than I’ve ever slept in my life! With my anxiety issues and restless legs, sleep doesn’t always come easy to me. Since I’ve started the Opti-Core I have no problems falling asleep. I couldn’t love this product any more… I will continue on this part forever if I can lol! The only way I’ve been deviating from directions is that I start the Opti-Core on Sun night and don’t take it on Fri. Sundays are always the hardest night for me to sleep but not anymore!I can only hope that bumping my dose of Bliss is going to help with the weight loss – Blogger


Purchasing Opti-Core


You can order your dosage of Opti-Core online at 1st Phorm’s website. When using Opti-Core, make sure you follow the directions and the dosage stated by the manufacturer for best results and safety purposes.


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