The Guide to PCT for Prohormones

We are almost all hitting the gym at a much higher rate than we did only a few years ago, we are looking to build muscles, get shaped and live healthier, but we can only go so far with training, we can spend thousands of hours in the gym and still not get the exact result we are looking for.


We can all sometimes need a boost to give us than certain edge we are looking for. We can use hormones to give us the chance to push through our natural abilities and get the body and ego boost we are all looking for.


Before you take the big plunge and start using hormones, you have to make sure you know what to do, and always make sure you do a PCT before you start doing hormones to prevent some of the side effects, one of the best to prevent side effects like man boobs is Elim1nate, an estrogen blocker that is new on the market, a pro hormone that prevents testosterone from turning into estrogen in the body. A prohormone product like Elim1nate is for men only and should not be used by women.


It is important if you want full effect of your prohormones to combine them with a SERM product like Nolva – or Nolvadex as it is called. This product will act as an anti-estrogen in some parts of your body and as an estrogen in other parts and can be used to prevent estrogen side effects during a cycle.


Nolva can be used during the cycle and I is definitely popular for PCT where the benefits of the product are at its best. It works especially well for producing necessary estrogen in the liver, where it is much needed, and it have great benefits for cholesterol levels as well.




To boost your PCT even further also combine with Superdrol, that is an over the counter product defined as a prohormone or nutritional supplement. You will probably have a hard time finding this exact product because it has been discontinued from the manufacturer, but if you look for Methyldrostanolone as the active ingredient you will get the same kind of product as Superdrol and thus get the same effects.


The benefits of Superdrol is your cells ability to build proteins giving you a leaner body and it also increase your number of red blood cells giving you a greater muscular endurance, because your red blood cells carry oxygen through your vessels and a higher amount of red blood cells increases the level of oxygen in your blood.


When you have finished your PCT and by that your prohormones you are ready for the hormonal part. For that you need another kind of product. With a PCT and focus on your cycle you are good to go.


Now you are ready for Halodrol that will make your muscles develop a lean quality and it will make you feel and look more fit. Again this is a product you will have a hard time finding on the market, Halodrol has been discontinued as well. The active ingredient is called Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol-CDMA and it is closely related to other PCT products that contains Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, so you have to look for either of these two to get the results you want.




The product increases the testosterone in your body and if you exercise your muscles will grow with a faster pace because Halodrol increases the number of muscle fibers. It is an androgen product giving you the size and strength you are looking for.


The manufacturer later sent a new product on the market called Halodrol Liquigels, but you have to be aware that this is not the same kind of product and this one does not include the ingredient you are looking for and it will not give you the results when you are on a PCT.


Before you start doing hormones of any kind please do get a physical check-up from your MD to make sure you are healthy. These products are not something you mess around with and you need to be in good health, eat right, and know what your body is capable of before you start on prohormones.


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