Tim Means Speaks Out on His USADA Violation

Tim Means finally voices out on the recent violation notice he received from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).


The 32-year old welterweight fighter from Albuquerque, New Mexico points out that he is really confused why he failed the drug test administered by the agency before his UFC Fight Night 83 bout with Donald Cerrone on February 21.


The Dirty Bird even adds that he can’t quite put his finger on the reason why he flunked the drug test and it’s very annoying for him to be pulled out from his main event match in Pittsburgh against Cerrone without fully understanding the basis for the same.


USADA’s Doping Allegations Against Tim Means


Means stresses that USADA informed him through email that he failed the drug test because the sample he submitted to them contained traces of Ostarine, a type of selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that sets off very similar effects to anabolic steroids when synthesized by the body.


Apart from picking up the pace on burning off fat, this SARM also enhances the body’s ability to build lean muscle. However, unlike steroids that can trigger adverse side effects like hair loss and prostate problems, Ostarine and its other SARM counterparts like S4 (Andarine) and LGD-4033 don’t have the ability to cause these issues.


At its simplest, USADA considers the use of these substances as similar to “doping.” What’s even worse is that the former King of the Cage Junior Welterweight Champion and Legacy FC contender is facing a possible a suspension of up to 4 years for the failed drug test.


The Possibility of a Botched Lab Test or Full Non-Disclosure of Ingredients


Tim Means reveals that what’s really confusing about the whole thing is he hasn’t used Ostarine or any other SARM while training for his UFC fight. He theorizes that the reason for his failing the drug test may be due to tainted lab equipment or perhaps one of the supplements he’s using contained the substance, but did not clearly indicate it in the list of ingredients.


The American mixed martial arts (MMA) professional says that he isn’t simply dodging the issue because he owns up to his mistakes and doesn’t have the habit of blaming others for them. Means adds that while it’s true that he made bad decisions in the past involving drugs, this issue with Ostarine is not making sense to him.


Owning Up and Biased Accusations


“I haven’t done anything wrong,” the UFC welterweight shares. “I did not intentionally ingest an anabolic agent.” As for the potential suspension, he divulges that he is currently looking into getting another job unrelated to MMA to take care of the bills and his other responsibilities.


Tim Means also expresses his disappointment to all the negative comments thrown at him, especially those that already accuse him of being guilty. “It’s easy to judge when you’re sitting on the outside looking in,” he stresses. “Let the findings all be heard and let both sides be told.”


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