Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian) has been referred to far and wide as a stylish symbol individuals wherever have attempted to copy his physical make-up and state of mind towards life.

He soon turned into a web sensation and word rapidly spread about his overwhelming identity. He left a mark on the world when his name, the Zyzz wound up noticeably distributed in the Urban Dictionary as the encapsulation of style.

Rapidly ascending to the best and tasting distinction and reputation for his identity and online shenanigans, implied the news of his demise came as a gigantic stun to thousands, if not a large number of fans wherever when Zyzz’s passing was declared in 2011 on an occasion abroad. He was just 22.

His name stilllives on today as the encapsulation of style.

This is Zyzz’s story azizshavershian.com/about-zyzz:

Zyzz The Beginning

AzizSergeyevich Shavershian was initially conceived in Russia on the 24th of March 1989. He’s been referred to far and wide as Zyzz through his well known web-based social networking channels on the web. He was known for his high-vitality shenanigans on and off screen.

Zyzz turned into a well known muscle head, demonstrate, low maintenance stripper. He made a gigantic after of steadfast fans in the wake of posting various recordings of himself being Zyzz. It all begun in 2007.

Before Zyzz turned into a bodybuilder,Shavershian was the self-shouted thin child in school. In his recordings, he’d discuss his ectomorph body sort. Be that as it may, being roused by his sibling who was weight training at the time, Zyzz chose he needed to change his body and assemble some muscle.

Fruitful Entrepreneur

Zyzz Aziz Shavershian built up his own particular protein mark which discharged in 2011, he likewise made his own particular garments line alongside a book involving his abundance of weight training information all through his four years of preparing. He said that he was mostly fruitful because of the fame of his online networking channels.

Online Sensation And Urban Legend

Beginning in February 2010, Zyzz composed on wellness sheets for famous lifting weights sites where he would send connections to his online web-based social networking recordings. he’s photo himself provoking different individuals with expressions, for example, u mirin’? oru jam? recommending that others were appreciating and being envious of his physical make-up.

On April the fourth in 2010, the word Zyzz was characterized in the Urban Dictionary asthe exemplification of feel.

He likewise showed up on the main scene of the Australian reality demonstrate National Road Trip in 2011 on September the 23rd. It included Zyzz and other cast individuals going around Australia. Zyzz likewise showed up in other reality recordings online which developed his distinction.

Zyzz Death

To the stun of thousands of individuals around the globe, in August 2011, was discovered dead in a sauna while on an excursion in Thailand at 22 years old. The after death report uncovered an undiscovered innate heart deformity that caused a cardiovascular arrest.His name keeps on living on among his a large number of fans all over the place.


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